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Language Tools

Dictionaries, thesauri, translation, conversion and other useful online language tools for English learners and teachers.

Test Your English Level

Test Your Written Comprehension Level ~ This test evaluates your level in English Written Comprehension (how well you understand English that you read).



English-English Dictionaries

British English - with audio

Merriam-Webster ~ American English - with audio

Cambridge Dictionaries ~ choose in their drop-down box from several options such as British English, American English, Business English - with audio

OneLook ~ British English and American English, looks in up to 40 different dictionaries

Wiktionary ~ also has many other languages

Urban Dictionary ~ a dictionary of slang

Talking Picture Dictionary ~ point at the pictures and listen to the words

EnglishClub Slang ~ with explanation, sample sentences and quiz

EnglishClub Phrasal Verbs ~ with explanation, sample sentences and quiz

Synonym Dictionaries (thesaurus)

Synonym Dictionaries find words that mean the same or very nearly the same, for example: fast/quick/speedy/swift

RhymeZone ~ select "Find synonyms" in the drop-down menu

Antonym Dictionaries

Antonym Dictionaries find words that mean the opposite, for example: fast/slow

RhymeZone ~ select "Find antonyms" in the drop-down menu

Rhyming Dictionaries

Rhyming Dictionaries find words that rhyme (have endings that sound alike), for example: rain/pain

Rhymer ~ finds various types of rhymes

RhymeZone ~ select "Find rhymes" in the drop-down menu


Chat Abbreviations ~ short forms used in chat rooms and texting

Grammar Terms

Pronunciation Terms

TEFL Terms ~ for teachers, a glossary of terms used in teaching English


The Quotations Page

Brainy Quote

EnglishClub Quotes ~ with explanation, sample sentences and quiz

EnglishClub Idioms ~ with explanation, sample sentences and quiz

EnglishClub Sayings ~ with explanation, sample sentences and quiz


The tools below are related to pronunciation or how we say words.

howJsay ~ listen to any word

Phonemic Chart ~ symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) with sample words

Phonemic Chart Interactive ~ listen to the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

Phonemic Character Keyboard ~ helps you type all those fancy IPA symbols like /ʤ/ or /ə/


Grammar HelpDesk ~ ask a question online about grammar

Common Errors in English ~ typical deviations from what is generally accepted as standard English

Non Errors in English ~ usages that people say are wrong but are actually standard English


The tools below are related to speaking or talking online.

Skype ~ talk to friends free via internet, with video

Vocaroo ~ record your voice

Audioboo ~ record your voice

Daily Learning

Idiom Of The Day

Slang Of The Day

Phrasal Verb Of The Day

Saying Of The Day

Easy Question Of The Day

Weekly Learning

This Week In History ~ new every Monday, listen and do the quiz

Weekly News ~ new every Tuesday, listen and do the exercises

7 Secrets For ESL Learners ~ sign up for weekly emails


Translation sites convert one language into another language, for example Arabic to Spanish, French to English, or English to Chinese.

Google Translate

Bing Translator

Make your own Wordle

See an example Wordle


Converters change one thing into another thing, for example dollars into euro (currency), or miles into kilometres (distance), or degrees fahrenheit into degrees centigrade (temperature).

OnlineConversion ~ converts almost anything

Currency Converter ~ converts any world currency to another

World Clock ~ find the time anywhere, any time zone

Arabic to Roman number converter

Enter your Arabic number (1-3999) here:

Quick Reference

Parts Of Speech Table

Summary Of Punctuation Marks

Basic Verb Tenses Chart

Table Of World Currencies

World Wide Web

Html Validator ~ checks the markup of web pages

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