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10 Twitter Tips for ESL Users

  1. Some people use a # in their tweets. This is called a hashtag. It helps create groups that share common interests.

  2. Twitter is very popular. It sometimes shuts down for a few minutes.

  3. You cannot change your tweet once you press submit.

  4. Even though your space is short, try to use proper English. Simple tenses are fine for most tweets.

  5. Many teachers use twitter. Ask for English help on twitter and one might reply.

  6. Send us a Direct Message. Tell EnglishClub what you want help with. We will reply on twitter!

  7. Twitter is available in Japanese. However, this will not help you improve your English. Set your language to English and give it a try.

  8. You can also use Twitter on your mobile phone. This requires text messaging and is a little more difficult. Standard text messaging rates apply. Add your phone number in the Settings section. To turn off Twitter updates, text the word OFF to Twitter.

  9. Remember that Twitter is public. Anyone on Twitter can find your tweets.

  10. Never give out your real name and contact information to people you do not know personally.

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