Word Stress Quiz

This quiz will test your understanding of the word stress pages. For each question, choose the syllable that is stressed.
1. Can you pass me a plastic a) PLAS b) TIC knife?
2. I want to take a photography a) PHO b) TO c) GRA d) PHY class.
3. China a) CHI b) NA is the country where I was born.
4. Please turn off the television a) TEL b) E c) VI d) SION before you go out.
5. I can't decide a) DE b) CIDE which book to borrow.
6. Do you understand a) UN b) DER c) STAND this lesson?
7. Sparky is a very happy a) HAP b) PY puppy.
8. It is critical a) CRI b) TI c) CAL that you finish today.
9. My Grandpa wears an old-fashioned a) OLD b) FASH c) IONED coat.
10. There is a lot of traffic a) TRAF b) FIC on the highway today.