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Environmental Verbs: Take Action

Do you consider yourself an earth activist? Talking about environmental issues is difficult to do in a foreign language. Learning the following verbs will help you express your thoughts and concerns in English.

WordMeaningExample sentence
bandisallow an action or thing in a specified areaThe school banned water bottles because they are bad for the environment.
carpoolwhen people take turns driving instead of taking two or more cars to the same locationI carpool to work with two of my neighbours who also work downtown.
clear cut or chop downto remove trees from a forestIt is important to plant new trees in nearby areas after clear cutting.
compostput certain types of waste (vegetable peels, newspapers, dry leaves) into a large container that will break down into reusable soilSince we started composting we've reduced our garbage by half.
commutetravel from home to work (either by public transit or driving)Imagine how much pollution you cause in a lifetime by commuting two hours a day?
consumetake into our bodies or homesAmericans consume more than their share of the earth's resources.
donategive money or items to an organization or individual in needWhen you donate money to this fund, the animals' habit is protected.
emitto give off or outCars emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.
fertilizetreat plants and green spaces (lawns and fields) with special chemicals that helps them to growIf you are going to fertilize your lawn, make sure to use an organic fertilizer.
minimizemake as little as possibleWe can minimize pollution by walking instead of driving to work and school.
polluteput dangerous substances into the ground and the airFumes from factories pollute our lakes and oceans.
preservekeep in its natural stateWe need stronger laws in order to preserve our forests.
protectkeep from harmIt is important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
protestvoice concern about; fight against an issue or decisionThe environmentalists will protest if the road builders don't make a bicycle lane.
recycleto take materials from garbage and form it into something new that can be usedPlease recycle your junk mail instead of throwing it in the garbage.
reduceuse lessYou can reduce your household waste by buying products with less packaging.
reuseuse againWe reuse the inner bags from the cereal boxes inside our small garbage can.
throw awayput in the garbageDon't throw away your grass clippings; leave them on your lawn.
use upuse until there is no moreWe are using up the earth's natural resources faster than ever.
wastethrow away something that is still usefulDon't waste toilet paper; use one or two sheets instead of three or four.

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