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The Disappearing Honeybee Pre-reading Vocabulary

allergic adjectivecaused by an allergy (the body's reaction against certain foods or substances that it thinks are poisonous)
climate change nounthe gradual (slow) increase of temperature on earth
collapse noun (also verb)the falling apart of something
disappearing adjective (also verb)no longer able to be found or be seen
disorder nouna problem or disease that a certain group faces
donate verbgive money or resources to a group or person in need
hive nounthe place where honeybees live
investigate verbstudy; research; try to find the truth
lack nounnot enough of something
mysteriously adverbin a way that is not easily understood
pollinate verbthe transfer of the male parts of the flower to the female parts of the flower; ensures plant reproduction
rely on verbdepend on; need
skyrocket verbgo up very high in a short amount of time
spread the word verbtell other people something
transport verbmove from place to place

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