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Are Cell Phones Dangerous? Pre-reading Vocabulary

For advanced learners

conducted verbcarried out with control
definitive adjcomplete; well understood
device nouna thing that people use for a specific purpose
err on the side of caution idiomtake the necessary precaution due to a possible risk
funded verbpaid or partially paid for
gaming consoles nounelectronic devices that allow people to play video games
hazardous adjectivedangerous; could cause injury or health problems
illustrate verbshow
logical adjmakes sense
long term exposure noun the use or close proximity to something over a long period of time
mobile phone nouna wireless phone that can be carried with you out of the home and office
potential noungood possibility
radiation nouna type of energy that is transmitted as waves or rays
tissue verbgroup of cells in the body that work together
tobacco noundried leaves found in cigarettes

Are Cell Phones Dangerous?: Reading

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