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The Chapel - Vocabulary Quiz

1 The man helped the full term woman who had fainted from over-exertion.

2 My fingers went numb clutching the flowers as we at the funeral.

3 We tried to hold our while we watched our house collapse after the tornado.

4 The man was the trial because he knew he was guilty.

5 I over the fence as the brute chased me home from school.

6 An arrogant person can also be called .

7 The businessman had been taking the same clients for twenty years.

8 After running for ten miles I was and needed a bottle of water.

9 My grandparents persistently ask about my love life.

10 At the city council meeting there was much reproach over the on the local highway.

11 The judge's was that there was no motive for the crime.

12 Instead of wearing a short skirt I wore a long dress that covered my legs.

13 Paul his savings by putting them into stocks and bonds.

14 I accepted her resignation after spending hours trying to persuade her against it.

15 The children were the puppy's efforts to chase its own tail.

16 My baby cousin got her leg stuck in between the of her crib.

17 The jilted woman displayed her by quitting her job.

18 The coming in the windows was from the nearby pig farm.

19 My for snakes stems from a dream I had during childhood.

20 His story was so that nobody guessed he was a persistent liar.

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