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The Metro - Vocabulary Quiz

1 We have everything we need to make dinner tonight the onions.
2 The woman grew when her child went missing in the grocery store.
3 Frank was to both of his wives before they divorced him.
4 The kids were by the shooting stars at the campsite.
5 We finished our dinner because the movie was about to start.
6 I cut the grass even though it was my brother's turn.
7 It was when they tore the forest down to build a garbage dump.
8 Our maid is so that she cleans the bathroom floors with a toothbrush.
9 The sun will when the rain washes the clouds away.
10 We were after the baby bird flew into the closed window and broke its wing.
11 I got a for being the most improved student in my graduating class.
12 You can buy all sorts of at the aquarium's gift shop.
13 The manager and coach of the hockey team have a good .
14 I your watch but I couldn't figure out how to change the date.
15 The pharmacist was upset because the doctor's handwriting wasn't .
16 We threw BBQ for all of the neighbours because the power went out.
17 I always take stairs instead of elevators because I am very .
18 It is that you wash your hands before you handle any of the food.
19 I heard my father when he cut his finger open with a knife.
20 The bosses at my new workplace are so they wear blue jeans most of the time.

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