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The Winepress - Vocabulary Quiz

1 The in the kitchen was of garlic and onion.
2 Mr. Jones has a for giving the most homework.
3 My Dad lies about his taxes because he has for the government.
4 In my opinion, the most time of day is when the sun comes up.
5 The host of the party the guests by playing the piano.
6 Angie apologized when all she had to do was say sorry once.
7 All of the men stared at the woman who walked into the room.
8 The students correctly that their teacher would postpone the test.
9 My mother my father's sisters because they made her feel like a child.
10 My grandmother thinks that white gloves make a lady look .
11 We didn't have any brown sugar, so I using cinnamon.
12 The teens walked out of the school even though it was during school hours.
13 My aunt her cheeks with a tissue during the sad movie.
14 Janette's was to buy a new car, but she could only afford a used one.
15 The nation was when the President died.
16 The dog at the bone as soon as I let go of him.
17 The of the problem is that we only have one car.
18 The patient stared at the doctor when he asked her what day it was.
19 Few people seek in this country.
20 The writer made a attempt to finish his article by the deadline.

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