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Idioms Quiz: Animals 1

Many English idioms are based on or refer to animals. The questions below are all about animal idioms and will help you check your understanding of animal idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. (it's) raining cats and dogs

It's raining cats and dogs, so
  1. watch out for falling animals
  2. make sure you take an umbrella
  3. keep your pets inside
more about this idiom: (it's) raining cats and dogs

2. (like) water off a duck's back

Many people claim that insults or negative comments are like water off a duck's back, but in reality, many of them are
  1. pleased by such things
  2. upset by such things
  3. unaffected by such things
more about this idiom: (like) water off a duck's back

3. a night owl

Cassandra is a night owl, so she doesn't usually get up until about
  1. 11 a.m.
  2. 11 p.m.
  3. 7 a.m.
more about this idiom: a night owl

4. a queer fish

People used to say Uncle Charlie was a queer fish because he
  1. talked to himself
  2. didn't like fishing
  3. loved swimming
more about this idiom: a queer fish

5. a whale of a time

Ollie said he had a whale of a time at the jazz festival and he
  1. wishes he hadn't gone
  2. wants to go again next year
  3. probably won't bother going again
more about this idiom: a whale of a time

6. a wolf in sheep's clothing

We realised the teacher was a wolf in sheep's clothing when he
  1. was seen smoking a cigarette in a bar
  2. was given the "Teacher of the Year" award
  3. was arrested for abusing one of his students
more about this idiom: a wolf in sheep's clothing

7. a zebra crossing

A zebra crossing is a place for
  1. zebras to cross the road
  2. people to cross the road
  3. cars to run people over
more about this idiom: a zebra crossing

8. can of worms

The investigators knew that examining the company's books might open a can of worms. They suspected there'd be
  1. a huge number of worms
  2. nothing seriously wrong
  3. evidence of serious crimes
more about this idiom: can of worms

9. chickens come home to roost

The chickens are coming home to roost for Dennis at last. For years he treated his wife and children badly, and now
  1. they're taking care of him
  2. they're still putting up with him
  3. they've left and he's old and lonely
more about this idiom: chickens come home to roost

10. drink like a fish

Even though uncle Barry drinks like a fish, he
  1. never drinks alcohol
  2. never looks drunk
  3. never drinks much
more about this idiom: drink like a fish

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