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Idioms Quiz: Animals 2

Many English idioms are based on or refer to animals. The questions below are all about animal idioms and will help you check your understanding of animal idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. eyes like a hawk

Which of these people would need eyes like a hawk?
  1. a pilot who searches for lost people
  2. a sound engineer who records music
  3. a chef who makes cakes and desserts
more about this idiom: eyes like a hawk

2. kill two birds with one stone

Sandra killed two birds with one stone by going to Paris. She practiced her French before her exam and she
  1. got better at speaking French
  2. read a book on French history
  3. went to her friend's wedding
more about this idiom: kill two birds with one stone

3. let the cat out of the bag

After Julie let the cat out of the bag,
  1. everybody laughed
  2. we all knew
  3. they ran after it
more about this idiom: let the cat out of the bag

4. like a fish out of water

Pablo went to the party, but he felt like a fish out of water because
  1. he was tired of eating meat and chicken
  2. he'd forgotten to take his swimming shorts
  3. he was the only Mexican guy there
more about this idiom: like a fish out of water

5. quiet as a mouse

Francine is being as quiet as a mouse. Are you sure
  1. mice are really that quiet?
  2. she's making some noise?
  3. she's in her room?
more about this idiom: quiet as a mouse

6. sick as a dog

Gerry is as sick as a dog, so he should
  1. go to see a vet
  2. go to a hospital
  3. get a new dog
more about this idiom: sick as a dog

7. take the bull by the horns

The team wasn't playing well, so the coach took the bull by the horns and
  1. sacked several senior players
  2. told everyone he was doing his best
  3. asked the players to try a bit harder
more about this idiom: take the bull by the horns

8. talk turkey

Before we could talk turkey about the deal, we had to
  1. see the samples
  2. pay the money
  3. go to Turkey
more about this idiom: talk turkey

9. the lion's share

The lion's share of the zoo's budget was spent on
  1. the lions
  2. the salaries
  3. the tea and biscuits
more about this idiom: the lion's share

10. the rat race

Harry wants to get out of the rat race because
  1. he hates rats
  2. he doesn't really like racing
  3. he doesn't like the person he's becoming
more about this idiom: the rat race

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