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Idioms Quiz: Body 1

Many idioms are based on the human body, or parts of the body, or bodily functions. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. (have) egg on your face

Silvio had egg on his face after saying he was much better than all the other drivers, and then
  1. winning the race
  2. coming last in the race
  3. coming second in the race
more about this idiom: (have) egg on your face

2. (your) hands are tied

The guy in the bank who approves loans said his hands were tied and he
  1. can't untie them
  2. would be happy to give us the loan
  3. couldn't approve our loan
more about this idiom: (your) hands are tied

3. (your) heart goes out to (someone)

The president said his heart went out to
  1. all the earthquake victims
  2. all his old girlfriends
  3. all the money he lost
more about this idiom: (your) heart goes out to (someone)

4. (your) heart is in the right place

Linda's heart is in the right place and she always tries to
  1. do things to help people
  2. make a good living
  3. take advantage of people
more about this idiom: (your) heart is in the right place

5. (your) heart isn't in it

She's doing the photo shoot to promote her book, but her heart isn't in it. She looks
  1. quite happy
  2. really bored
  3. very funny
more about this idiom: (your) heart isn't in it

6. a bad hair day

If you're having a bad hair day
  1. you've had a terrible haircut
  2. nothing's going right for you
  3. you don't care what people think about you
more about this idiom: a bad hair day

7. a gut feeling

Beth said she had a gut feeling that her husband was cheating on her, but she
  1. couldn't prove it
  2. could prove it
  3. had proved it already
more about this idiom: a gut feeling

8. a head start

George had a head start in the race to be president because
  1. he was a fast runner
  2. he's part of a powerful family
  3. the others started the race before him
more about this idiom: a head start

9. a kick in the teeth

Hasan said it was a real kick in the teeth when he
  1. lost his job
  2. found a job
  3. did the job
more about this idiom: a kick in the teeth

10. young blood

We think the company needs some young blood because
  1. all our staff are sick
  2. our boss likes looking at young people
  3. we need staff who know how young people think
more about this idiom: young blood

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