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Idioms Quiz: Body 5

Many idioms are based on the human body, or parts of the body, or bodily functions. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. hard to swallow

Of all his stories, the one that most people found the hardest to swallow was the one about
  1. being taken for a ride in a U.F.O. by aliens
  2. being given fried spiders to eat in Cambodia
  3. seeing people stick pins and needles through their cheeks
more about this idiom: hard to swallow

2. have a heart-to-heart

After we'd had a heart-to-heart, we felt that we
  1. knew each other better
  2. should exercise more
  3. could exchange hearts
more about this idiom: have a heart-to-heart

3. have your hands full

If Ben has his hands full at the moment, he has
  1. lots to do
  2. little to do
  3. nothing to do
more about this idiom: have your hands full

4. have your head in the clouds

William's head is in the clouds. He needs to
  1. take better care of himself
  2. be a bit more realistic
  3. stop thinking he's better than everyone else
more about this idiom: have your head in the clouds

5. heads will roll

Our boss said that heads will roll, so I'm
  1. worried about my head
  2. worried about my job
  3. worried about my roll
more about this idiom: heads will roll

6. hold your head high | hold your head up high

After failing his driving test three times, Shane can hold his head up high now because he has
  1. tried again
  2. failed again
  3. passed it

7. It's written all over your face.

Even if the joy of winning Wimbledon was written all over Rafael's face, Natalie couldn't tell because
  1. she can't read Spanish
  2. Rafael hides his feelings
  3. they were talking on the phone
more about this idiom: It's written all over your face.

8. itchy feet

I know she's got itchy feet because
  1. she's been looking at travel websites
  2. she keeps scratching her toes
  3. she never goes anywhere on foot
more about this idiom: itchy feet

9. joined at the hip

We're very much in love, but we're not joined at the hip. We don't have to
  1. see each other much
  2. be together all the time
  3. go anywhere together
more about this idiom: joined at the hip

10. jump down your throat | jump all over you

Lucinda's boss will jump down her throat if she
  1. doesn't get the deal this time
  2. gets the deal this time
  3. helps him get the deal himself this time

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