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Idioms Quiz: Body 6

Many idioms are based on the human body, or parts of the body, or bodily functions. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. jump out of your skin

Henry was walking through the forest, and he jumped out of his skin when
  1. he saw many trees were cut down
  2. his friend told a funny joke
  3. a snake fell on his head
more about this idiom: jump out of your skin

2. keep an eye on

I'm going to the shop so could you keep an eye on
  1. the baby
  2. the movie
  3. the future
more about this idiom: keep an eye on

3. keep your nose clean

If George doesn't keep his nose clean he'll
  1. get sick
  2. go to jail
  3. get smelly
more about this idiom: keep your nose clean

4. lend someone a hand

Our boy Johnny never offers to lend a hand. We always
  1. have to go out and buy one
  2. have to ask him to help out
  3. have to tell him we're fine
more about this idiom: lend someone a hand

5. let your hair down

After a hard day's work, the office staff decided they needed to let their hair down so they
  1. went to a nightclub
  2. went to a hair salon
  3. went to a library
more about this idiom: let your hair down

6. lose face

Brian made Gary lose face in front of his friends when he said Gary was
  1. a really good friend
  2. not very smart
  3. going into hospital
more about this idiom: lose face

7. lose your head

We were all surprised when Tracey suddenly lost her head and
  1. started laughing
  2. started staring at her fingers
  3. started shouting and thumping the table
more about this idiom: lose your head

8. more than meets the eye

The police think there's more to the car accident than meets the eye. They think there could be
  1. similar accidents in future
  2. pieces of the car they haven't seen yet
  3. reason to believe it wasn't a normal accident
more about this idiom: more than meets the eye

9. music to your ears

The accused man said it was music to his ears when the judge said
  1. guilty
  2. not guilty
  3. life without parole
more about this idiom: music to your ears

10. neck and neck

The top two runners were neck and neck as they
  1. started the last lap of the race
  2. talked to reporters before the race
  3. stood side by side to compare their heights
more about this idiom: neck and neck

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