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Idioms Quiz: Body 7

Many idioms are based on the human body, or parts of the body, or bodily functions. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. nerves of steel

You'd need nerves of steel to
  1. make a parachute jump
  2. work in a steel mill
  3. do a jigsaw puzzle
more about this idiom: nerves of steel

2. off the top of your head

The one thing that everyone can tell you off the top of their head is
  1. their name
  2. their time of birth
  3. their blood type
more about this idiom: off the top of your head

3. on the one hand | on the other hand

On the one hand playing computer games can be a lot of fun, but on the other hand
  1. it's easy to waste too much time on them
  2. they can be very enjoyable
  3. they aren't very expensive
more about this idiom: on the one hand | on the other hand

4. on your last legs | on its last legs

My dog Molly is on her last legs. She
  1. won't live much longer
  2. is no longer on her first legs
  3. won't be able to use her legs much longer
more about this idiom: on your last legs | on its last legs

5. pay through the nose

They got to see the final game, but they paid through the nose for their tickets because
  1. they weren't selling well
  2. they were so hard to get
  3. they didn't have much money
more about this idiom: pay through the nose

6. pick somebody's brains

The marketing manager picked my brains today and
  1. I felt a lot better when he'd finished
  2. I think I gave him some good ideas
  3. I understand marketing better now
more about this idiom: pick somebody's brains

7. play it by ear

Once they get into the studio, the band are going to play it by ear and
  1. record all their old songs
  2. see what they come up with
  3. do whatever the producer tells them to do
more about this idiom: play it by ear

8. pull someone's leg

They were just pulling your leg when they said the United Nations was going to
  1. help educate poor kids
  2. ban all languages except English
  3. have a meeting about global warming
more about this idiom: pull someone's leg

9. put someone's nose out of joint

Mary-Louise was the captain of the basketball team last year, and she had her nose put out of joint when
  1. she was named captain again this year
  2. Sarah-Lee was named captain this year
  3. she accidentally head-butted Sarah-Lee in the face
more about this idiom: put someone's nose out of joint

10. put your foot in it

I really put my foot in it. I felt
  1. so happy
  2. terrible
  3. it was right
more about this idiom: put your foot in it

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