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Idioms Quiz: Buildings

Many idioms are based on building and architecture. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. an ivory tower

If Professor Jones didn't spend all his time in his ivory tower, he would
  1. be much healthier than he is
  2. make much more money
  3. know what people were thinking
more about this idiom: an ivory tower

2. chickens come home to roost

The chickens are coming home to roost for Dennis at last. For years he treated his wife and children badly, and now
  1. they're taking care of him
  2. they're still putting up with him
  3. they've left and he's old and lonely
more about this idiom: chickens come home to roost

3. hit the roof

The movie's director hit the roof when the actress
  1. forgot her lines
  2. did her scene perfectly
  3. kissed him on the cheek
more about this idiom: hit the roof

4. hold the fort

The shop's manager had to go out for a while, so Julie held the fort
  1. when he got back
  2. while he was gone
  3. before he went
more about this idiom: hold the fort

5. make yourself at home

I said "Make yourself at home" after
  1. inviting my friends inside
  2. arriving at my friend's house
  3. driving my friend to the airport
more about this idiom: make yourself at home

6. nothing to write home about

Leila said the new restaurant was nothing to write home about. She thought it was
  1. excellent
  2. just average
  3. really terrible
more about this idiom: nothing to write home about

7. put your own house in order | get your own house in order

Karen says I should put my own house in order before I
  1. go on my vacation
  2. give advice on decorating homes
  3. tell other people what they should do

8. run-of-the-mill

Natasha says she's tired of going to run-of-the-mill restaurants every night. She wants to
  1. go somewhere special
  2. go somewhere cheap
  3. go somewhere normal
more about this idiom: run-of-the-mill

9. the writing | handwriting is on the wall

The writing had been on the wall for a few months, so no-one was surprised when the restaurant
  1. finally closed down
  2. closed for renovations
  3. opened a second branch

10. waiting in the wings

The assistant coach is waiting in the wings, and when the coach retires, he'll
  1. leave as well
  2. take over as coach
  3. keep his job as assistant coach
more about this idiom: waiting in the wings

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