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Idioms Quiz: Clothing 1

Many idioms are based on clothes and clothing or ways that people dress. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. a knight in shining armour | armor

My car broke down and I was stuck on the side of the road until a knight in shining armour came and
  1. took me away on the back of his horse
  2. told me all about dungeons and dragons
  3. fixed my car for me
more about this idiom: a knight in shining armour | armor

2. a wolf in sheep's clothing

We realised the teacher was a wolf in sheep's clothing when he
  1. was seen smoking a cigarette in a bar
  2. was given the "Teacher of the Year" award
  3. was arrested for abusing one of his students
more about this idiom: a wolf in sheep's clothing

3. at the drop of a hat

Jenny changes jobs at the drop of a hat
  1. after months of careful planning
  2. and takes ages to make up her mind
  3. whenever she gets a good offer
more about this idiom: at the drop of a hat

4. deep pockets

Harold has very deep pockets, and
  1. he doesn't have much money
  2. he keeps losing his keys
  3. he spends a lot of money
more about this idiom: deep pockets

5. dressed (up) to the nines

We were all dressed to the nines because we were
  1. going to a wedding
  2. going to play golf
  3. going to the beach
more about this idiom: dressed (up) to the nines

6. earn your stripes

If someone has earned their stripes, they can expect
  1. to get a higher position
  2. to lose their job
  3. to retire from work
more about this idiom: earn your stripes

7. fill somebody's shoes

Ben's been a very good accountant for the firm, but now we need someone who can fill his shoes because
  1. his shoes are empty
  2. the company is closing down
  3. Ben's starting his own business
more about this idiom: fill somebody's shoes

8. hot under the collar

Henry always gets hot under the collar when he thinks people are
  1. trying to cheat him
  2. doing a good job
  3. treating him well
more about this idiom: hot under the collar

9. keep it under your hat

I agreed to keep it under my hat and
  1. never forget it
  2. never lose it
  3. never tell anyone
more about this idiom: keep it under your hat

10. knock your socks off

If you want to knock the socks off your audience, you need to
  1. do something amazing
  2. do something boring
  3. do something normal
more about this idiom: knock your socks off

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