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Idioms Quiz: Clothing 2

Many idioms are based on clothes and clothing or the way that people dress. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. off the cuff

Professor Sacks had to give the lecture off the cuff because
  1. the microphone was broken
  2. he couldn't speak English
  3. he was filling in for someone who was ill
more about this idiom: off the cuff

2. old hat

Karen thinks my ideas on waiting until after you finish university before travelling overseas are really old hat. She says it's the sort of thing her
  1. grandparents would think
  2. cousins would think
  3. nephews and nieces would think
more about this idiom: old hat

3. pull your socks up

His teacher told Jason to pull his socks up because
  1. they didn't look good
  2. he was studying too much
  3. his grades weren't good enough
more about this idiom: pull your socks up

4. quaking in your boots

Jimmy was quaking in his boots as he
  1. went to make his first parachute jump
  2. ran to his teammates after kicking a goal
  3. danced to his favourite singer's new song
more about this idiom: quaking in your boots

5. rags to riches

This girl I knew in high school has had an unusual life. She went from rags to riches after she
  1. got a job in a bank
  2. lost millions of dollars gambling
  3. became a top international model
more about this idiom: rags to riches

6. talk through your hat

Our biology teacher says evolution is a fact, and that people who say it isn't real are talking through their hats. He says these people
  1. are simply wrong
  2. have evidence to prove it
  3. understand science
more about this idiom: talk through your hat

7. the jewel in the crown

The jewel in the crown of Sir Humphrey's priceless collection of modern art is
  1. Pablo Picasso's "Boy with a Pipe"
  2. a statue of Sir Humphrey's favourite horse
  3. a finger painting by Sir Humphrey's youngest grandson
more about this idiom: the jewel in the crown

8. tighten your belt

Carly will have to tighten her belt because
  1. she's been putting on weight
  2. she's lost her job
  3. she's short of time
more about this idiom: tighten your belt

9. wear your heart on your sleeve

Benny always wears his heart on his sleeve, so it'll be easy to know
  1. what he's wearing
  2. what he's feeling
  3. what he's hiding
more about this idiom: wear your heart on your sleeve

10. work your socks off | work your tail off

His exam's on Monday, so Paul will have to work his socks off if he
  1. wants to cheat
  2. wants to pass
  3. doesn't want to pass

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