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Idioms Quiz: Colours 1

Many idioms are based on colour and colours. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. a red-letter day

Today is a red-letter day for our football club. For the first time ever, we've
  1. missed out on the finals
  2. failed to make a profit
  3. won the championship
more about this idiom: a red-letter day

2. a yellow streak

You can see Bob's yellow streak when another player is running straight at him and Bob
  1. faces him without flinching
  2. braces himself for the impact
  3. tries to get out of the way
more about this idiom: a yellow streak

3. caught red-handed

The guy in the apartment next door was caught red-handed
  1. watching bad T.V.
  2. peeping on our cute neighbour
  3. cooking an awful dinner
more about this idiom: caught red-handed

4. in the black

If you are in the black, you
  1. are owed money
  2. owe money
  3. don't owe money
more about this idiom: in the black

5. in the dark

Many politicians try to keep people in the dark about their
  1. successful policies
  2. achievements in government
  3. secret business deals
more about this idiom: in the dark

6. in the red

If someone is in the red they
  1. are owed money
  2. owe money
  3. have been owed money
more about this idiom: in the red

7. kill the goose that lays the golden egg

If people find something that makes them a lot of money, they often kill the goose that laid the golden egg because of
  1. their kindness
  2. their greed
  3. their anger

8. once in a blue moon

We live in a town in the desert now. It's hot and dry most days, and once in a blue moon it will
  1. be sunny all day
  2. rain quite a lot
  3. be cooler at night
more about this idiom: once in a blue moon

9. out of the blue

The economic crash came out of the blue. Nobody
  1. had predicted it
  2. had minded it
  3. had understood it
more about this idiom: out of the blue

10. paint the town red

We're heading out to paint the town red tonight, so don't forget to
  1. bring plenty of cash
  2. bring your paint brushes
  3. bring your laptop
more about this idiom: paint the town red

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