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Idioms Quiz: Colours 2

Many idioms are based on colour and colours. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. a white lie

Jack asked me how he looked after his operation, so I told a white lie and said
  1. he looked great
  2. he looked terrible
  3. I'd gone blind and I couldn't see him
more about this idiom: a white lie

2. give the green light

If we're given the green light by the local council, we'll
  1. start building our factory
  2. have to build it somewhere else
  3. have to do an environmental impact study
more about this idiom: give the green light

3. red light district

They went to the red light district in order to
  1. buy lighting supplies
  2. meet prostitutes
  3. have the tail-lights on their car repaired
more about this idiom: red light district

4. red tape

The red tape makes getting government approval take
  1. a long time
  2. a short time
  3. a good time
more about this idiom: red tape

5. see red

We were playing a game of cards when Marty suddenly saw red. He said it was because
  1. he got some great cards
  2. he only got hearts and diamonds
  3. he saw Harry cheating
more about this idiom: see red

6. see through rose-coloured glasses | rose-colored glasses

If someone sees through rose-coloured glasses, they don't see
  1. the unpleasant side of things
  2. the funny side of things
  3. the bright side of life

7. show your true colours | show your true colors

We always thought Barry was a weak and cowardly guy, but he showed his true colours when he
  1. bought a big black motorbike
  2. started drinking whisky and rye
  3. saved a kid from a bear attack

8. with flying colours | colors

Tony took his driving test again today, and passed with flying colours so
  1. he'll have to take it again
  2. he still can't get his licence
  3. he can get his licence at last
more about this idiom: with flying colours | colors

9. yellow journalism

Jerry gets angry when he sees yellow journalism. He says journalists who write it are
  1. misleading their readers
  2. informing their readers
  3. educating their readers
more about this idiom: yellow journalism

10. yellow-bellied

The other kids called Jack a yellow-bellied snake because he
  1. told the teacher who cheated
  2. wouldn't say who cheated
  3. didn't know who cheated
more about this idiom: yellow-bellied

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