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Idioms Quiz: Death

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. a matter of life and death

Al says one of the issues we face that's a matter of life and death for the whole planet is
  1. global warming
  2. illegal immigration
  3. copyright infringement
more about this idiom: a matter of life and death

2. dead in the water

The union's proposal for higher wages is dead in the water. Most companies
  1. cannot afford to pay higher wages
  2. won't mind paying higher wages
  3. are dying to pay higher wages
more about this idiom: dead in the water

3. dead to the world

Look at Larry - he's dead to the world. He must be
  1. really sick
  2. really tired
  3. really lazy
more about this idiom: dead to the world

4. dig one's own grave

I wonder if Mike realises he's digging his own grave by
  1. paying all his taxes
  2. cheating on his taxes
  3. complaining about his taxes
more about this idiom: dig one's own grave

5. kick the bucket

Luke said that after he kicks the bucket, he wants to
  1. go back to university
  2. go to the pub for a drink
  3. go to heaven
more about this idiom: kick the bucket

6. kill the goose that lays the golden egg

If people find something that makes them a lot of money, they often kill the goose that laid the golden egg because of
  1. their kindness
  2. their greed
  3. their anger

7. kill time

If you're stuck in traffic jam, a good way to kill time is to
  1. leave the car and walk
  2. get some beers and have a party
  3. read a book
more about this idiom: kill time

8. kill two birds with one stone

Sandra killed two birds with one stone by going to Paris. She practiced her French before her exam and she
  1. got better at speaking French
  2. read a book on French history
  3. went to her friend's wedding
more about this idiom: kill two birds with one stone

9. make a killing

After Julie made a killing on the stock exchange, she
  1. did her time in jail
  2. recovered in a hospital
  3. celebrated in a nightclub
more about this idiom: make a killing

10. Never say die!

David said, "Never say die!" after
  1. his friends said, "Die!"
  2. failing his driving test again
  3. coming to work late
more about this idiom: Never say die!

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