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Idioms Quiz: Food 1

Many idioms are based on food and cooking. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. (have) egg on your face

Silvio had egg on his face after saying he was much better than all the other drivers, and then
  1. winning the race
  2. coming last in the race
  3. coming second in the race
more about this idiom: (have) egg on your face

2. (your) bread and butter

This job is my bread and butter, so
  1. I don't really need it
  2. I don't get paid for it
  3. I can't afford to lose it
more about this idiom: (your) bread and butter

3. a couch potato

When he was out of work, Frank was a couch potato and he
  1. put on a lot of weight
  2. lost a lot of weight
  3. lost a lot of height
more about this idiom: a couch potato

4. a flash in the pan

The company hopes that their new computer game won't just be a flash in the pan, but that it'll
  1. be popular for a long time
  2. be unpopular for a very long time
  3. be very popular for a short time
more about this idiom: a flash in the pan

5. a knuckle sandwich

Kenny gave me a knuckle sandwich and I said,
  1. "No thanks, I'm not hungry."
  2. "Thanks, I needed that."
  3. "Ouch! That hurt!"
more about this idiom: a knuckle sandwich

6. a piece of cake

Her homework was a piece of cake because
  1. the house was very quiet
  2. it was filled with nuts
  3. it was so easy to do
more about this idiom: a piece of cake

7. a recipe for disaster

Which of the following would most people say is a recipe for disaster?
  1. educating poor people
  2. reducing pollution from factories
  3. destroying huge forests
more about this idiom: a recipe for disaster

8. chew the fat | chew the rag

While I was chewing the fat with Graham, he
  1. ate too much fat and got sick
  2. told me all about his new job
  3. got really tired and asked me to stop
more about this idiom: chew the fat | chew the rag

9. drink like a fish

Even though uncle Barry drinks like a fish, he
  1. never drinks alcohol
  2. never looks drunk
  3. never drinks much
more about this idiom: drink like a fish

10. easy as pie | easy as abc

They said configuring the software is easy as pie, but I don't think it is. I found it
  1. really difficult
  2. really easy
  3. really delicious
more about this idiom: easy as pie | easy as abc

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