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Idioms Quiz: Health 1

Many idioms are based on health. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. a new lease of life

After winning her battle with cancer, Misha had a new lease of life. She was going to
  1. live her life to the full
  2. worry about her changing life
  3. change the way she made a living
more about this idiom: a new lease of life

2. a pain in the neck

Mark's being a pain in the neck this morning, so
  1. I'll try to avoid him
  2. I'll help him with his work
  3. I'll give him a massage
more about this idiom: a pain in the neck

3. a shot in the arm

After a terrible start, the team was ready to quit. But after getting a shot in the arm from their coach's half-time team talk, they
  1. felt better about losing
  2. came back and won the game
  3. were even worse than before
more about this idiom: a shot in the arm

4. do you the world of good

If there's one thing that always does me the world of good it's
  1. going to the hospital
  2. losing money on the stock exchange
  3. playing with my grandchildren
more about this idiom: do you the world of good

5. fresh as a daisy

My grandma said, "I might be ninety years old, but I still feel as fresh as a daisy." She
  1. feels much younger
  2. looks much older
  3. sounds much wiser
more about this idiom: fresh as a daisy

6. ill at ease

Hiroko says that he always feels ill at ease when he's
  1. listening to the radio
  2. playing with his cats
  3. on a first date with a girl
more about this idiom: ill at ease

7. junk food

Parents who feed their children junk food risk turning them into
  1. healthy, happy, active kids
  2. overweight, unhealthy, unhappy kids
  3. well-balanced and well-fed kids
more about this idiom: junk food

8. just what the doctor ordered

Monica smiled and said, "That was just what the doctor ordered," after I had
  1. given her some medicine
  2. massaged her shoulders
  3. broken her best Chinese vase
more about this idiom: just what the doctor ordered

9. kick the habit

If a cigarette smoker says they want to kick the habit, it means they want to
  1. stop smoking cigarettes
  2. smoke better cigarettes
  3. spread the habit to others
more about this idiom: kick the habit

10. on your last legs | on its last legs

My dog Molly is on her last legs. She
  1. won't live much longer
  2. is no longer on her first legs
  3. won't be able to use her legs much longer
more about this idiom: on your last legs | on its last legs

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