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Idioms Quiz: Mixed 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. (it) stands to reason

It stands to reason that the best way to learn to speak a foreign language is to
  1. read about it
  2. think about it
  3. practise using it
more about this idiom: (it) stands to reason

2. (someone's) name is mud

Her name is mud these days because
  1. she changed it
  2. she didn't clean up
  3. she was caught cheating
more about this idiom: (someone's) name is mud

3. (something) escapes you

Her name escaped me just as I was introducing her to other guests. I felt
  1. really embarrassed
  2. very proud
  3. quite angry
more about this idiom: (something) escapes you

4. a bag of tricks

Which of the following might a politician pull out of his bag of tricks during an election campaign?
  1. a pack of cards
  2. a white rabbit
  3. a promise to cut taxes
more about this idiom: a bag of tricks

5. a wake-up call

The bombing of their embassy should have been a wake-up call that told them many people
  1. liked what their country was doing
  2. didn't like what their country was doing
  3. didn't care what their country was doing
more about this idiom: a wake-up call

6. agree to differ | agree to disagree

After arguing about politics for months, Julie and her husband agreed to disagree, and they
  1. got divorced
  2. found a new topic to disagree on
  3. stopped arguing about politics
more about this idiom: agree to differ | agree to disagree

7. get a look in

The university was supposed to be open to everyone, but you wouldn't get a look in unless you
  1. went to a famous high school
  2. went to a normal high school
  3. hadn't been to high school
more about this idiom: get a look in

8. I owe you one!

Johnny was very grateful and said "Man, I really owe you one!" after I'd
  1. saved his drowning son
  2. passed him the salt
  3. opened the door for him
more about this idiom: I owe you one!

9. keep a low profile

Marco tried to keep a low profile because he didn't want to be
  1. ignored by the public
  2. bothered by the media
  3. paid by his employer
more about this idiom: keep a low profile

10. the x-factor

Jim's definitely got the x-factor. He's
  1. just had an x-ray
  2. putting on weight
  3. an amazing performer
more about this idiom: the x-factor

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