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Idioms Quiz: Mixed 3

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. drop a bombshell

If someone drops a bombshell, they
  1. make a serious mistake
  2. create a big problem
  3. have some big, bad news
more about this idiom: drop a bombshell

2. full of yourself

If you say to someone "You're so full of yourself!" they'll probably feel
  1. proud
  2. upset
  3. pleased
more about this idiom: full of yourself

3. hold your own

Steve is trying hard to improve at golf because when he plays with his friends he
  1. can hold his own
  2. can't hold his own
  3. can hold his friends'
more about this idiom: hold your own

4. just the ticket

After hearing the first track on the new CD, Theo said, "That's just the ticket!" and then he
  1. checked all his pockets
  2. took it off and threw it away
  3. bought himself a copy
more about this idiom: just the ticket

5. nothing to write home about

Leila said the new restaurant was nothing to write home about. She thought it was
  1. excellent
  2. just average
  3. really terrible
more about this idiom: nothing to write home about

6. the back of beyond | the back of the beyond

My Uncle Jed lives in a little old cabin in the back of beyond, right near
  1. a subway station
  2. a baseball stadium
  3. a mountain range

7. the last straw

I'd had lots of problems with the hotel, but having the air conditioner break down on a really hot night was the last straw. The next day I
  1. moved out
  2. told the manager
  3. fixed the air conditioner
more about this idiom: the last straw

8. the real McCoy

I know my new Rolex is the real McCoy because
  1. I bought it from the Rolex store in Paris
  2. I bought it from a guy in a pub
  3. I bought it online from
more about this idiom: the real McCoy

9. tie the knot

Bob and Jane decided to tie the knot because
  1. it had come undone
  2. they loved one another
  3. they needed to save money
more about this idiom: tie the knot

10. worth your while

Sue says it'll be worth her while going to Cambodia to teach homeless children new work skills because
  1. she's happy when she's helping people
  2. she won't have to pay them to work
  3. they'll give her their wages when they get jobs
more about this idiom: worth your while

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