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Idioms Quiz: Mixed 4

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. (something) occurs to you

It had never occurred to Ursula that her husband might run off with a younger woman one day. She was
  1. not at all surprised
  2. very surprised
  3. expecting it to happen
more about this idiom: (something) occurs to you

2. a chip off the old block

People call Ray a chip off the old block because he
  1. reminds them of his father
  2. reminds them of his son
  3. reminds them of their fathers
more about this idiom: a chip off the old block

3. a means to an end

Marrying James was just a means to an end for Kerry. Her real goal was
  1. to be his wife
  2. to meet his sister
  3. to be rich
more about this idiom: a means to an end

4. a question mark over someone | something

There's been a question mark over his loyalty to the club ever since he said
  1. he'd never play for another team
  2. he was happy with his contract
  3. you never know what the future will bring

5. a vicious circle

You could be in a vicious circle if the solution to one problem becomes the
  1. cause of another one
  2. result of another one
  3. solution to another one
more about this idiom: a vicious circle

6. add fuel to the fire

Our workers are already upset, and you'll just add fuel to the fire if you
  1. give them a bonus
  2. pay for their medical care
  3. cut their wages
more about this idiom: add fuel to the fire

7. an end in itself

For Ari, music is an end in itself. She doesn't do it to
  1. enjoy herself
  2. entertain people
  3. make money
more about this idiom: an end in itself

8. if all else fails

We normally travel in business class, but if all else fails I guess we can go in
  1. first class
  2. economy class
  3. the baggage hold
more about this idiom: if all else fails

9. keep abreast of

You can keep abreast of current affairs by
  1. reading old newspapers
  2. watching the latest movies
  3. checking out news websites
more about this idiom: keep abreast of

10. safe and sound

If you got somewhere safe and sound, you got there
  1. because it was easy to get there
  2. even though you got hurt on the way
  3. even though there was some danger on the way
more about this idiom: safe and sound

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