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Idioms Quiz: Mixed 6

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. a narrow escape

While many people died in the explosion outside the market, my cousin had a narrow escape because
  1. he'd gone to live in a different city
  2. he'd left the market a minute before
  3. he died the next day in a hospital
more about this idiom: a narrow escape

2. a pipe dream

Which of these plans would be a pipe dream for most people?
  1. travelling to your country's capital city
  2. playing football for Manchester United
  3. watching the Olympic Games on television
more about this idiom: a pipe dream

3. a war of words

During their war of words, Jenny and Ben
  1. put each other in hospital
  2. discussed the issues quietly
  3. got angry with each other
more about this idiom: a war of words

4. call it a day

We decided to call it a day because
  1. we had so much to do
  2. we were short of time
  3. it was getting late
more about this idiom: call it a day

5. fight fire with fire

Our football players were sick of being kicked by the other team, so they decided to fight fire with fire and they
  1. tried to win by playing fair
  2. had the other team's manager fired
  3. kicked them back
more about this idiom: fight fire with fire

6. if push comes to shove

My Nigerian friend Fela is having trouble finding work here in London, but he says if push comes to shove he can always
  1. go back to Nigeria
  2. go to jail
  3. win the lottery
more about this idiom: if push comes to shove

7. keep something in mind

Mark said he'd keep my advice in mind, and next time he was in this situation he'd
  1. have forgotten what I'd said
  2. think about what I'd said
  3. ask me what to do
more about this idiom: keep something in mind

8. pop the question

Roberto is going to pop the question to
  1. the woman of his dreams
  2. whoever has the right answer
  3. his very rich uncle
more about this idiom: pop the question

9. save the day

The character in a movie who saves the day is
  1. the director
  2. the hero
  3. the victim
more about this idiom: save the day

10. x-rated

If you watch an x-rated movie, you'll see a movie
  1. about a treasure hunt
  2. showing people having sex
  3. about nurses taking x-rays
more about this idiom: x-rated

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