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Idioms Quiz: Mixed 8

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. a jack of all trades

For which job would a jack of all trades be best suited?
  1. a dealer in a casino
  2. a caretaker in a school
  3. a teller in a bank
more about this idiom: a jack of all trades

2. back to the drawing board

We started an online business, but after a while it was back to the drawing board because
  1. we couldn't make a profit
  2. we made a lot of money
  3. we wanted to improve our drawing
more about this idiom: back to the drawing board

3. dig up dirt

A journalist is digging up dirt on a politician in order to
  1. help the politician's campaign
  2. damage the politician's image
  3. increase the politician's popularity
more about this idiom: dig up dirt

4. fly off the handle

We were having dinner in a restaurant last night when this guy at the next table flew off the handle because
  1. the food was so delicious
  2. the waiter was so handsome
  3. the waiter brought the wrong thing
more about this idiom: fly off the handle

5. have a soft spot for

You can see that Mike's got a soft spot for dogs. Whenever he sees one, he
  1. kicks it
  2. pats it on the head
  3. keeps away from it
more about this idiom: have a soft spot for

6. leave no stone unturned

Henry said he'd leave no stone unturned in his search for a woman to marry. He will
  1. look for women under stones
  2. try everything to find a wife
  3. marry any woman who accepts him
more about this idiom: leave no stone unturned

7. ring a bell

When I heard the poem, some of the lines rang a bell and
  1. some of them beat a drum
  2. sounded very beautiful
  3. I thought I'd heard it somewhere before
more about this idiom: ring a bell

8. take the plunge

Monique has decided to take the plunge and
  1. keep her job for a while
  2. start up her own business
  3. put all her money in the bank
more about this idiom: take the plunge

9. up in the air

We'll have to leave the list of guests we're inviting to our wedding up in the air until we know
  1. how many we can invite
  2. what the weather will be like
  3. if any are of them are afraid of heights
more about this idiom: up in the air

10. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that
  1. we were having sandwiches for lunch
  2. the electricity bill had arrived
  3. I had won a million dollars in the lottery

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