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Idioms Quiz: Money 1

Many idioms are based on money and payment. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. (your) bread and butter

This job is my bread and butter, so
  1. I don't really need it
  2. I don't get paid for it
  3. I can't afford to lose it
more about this idiom: (your) bread and butter

2. a ballpark figure | a ballpark estimate

She gave us a ballpark figure for the cost because she
  1. didn't know the exact amount
  2. knew how much a ballpark cost
  3. wanted to tell us the exact amount

3. a nest egg

Kylie has decided she wants a nest egg, so she's
  1. gone to the shop to get one
  2. saving as much as she can
  3. learning how to grow one
more about this idiom: a nest egg

4. a vested interest

Which type of person is most often accused of corruption involving vested interests in companies?
  1. English teachers
  2. dairy farmers
  3. politicians
more about this idiom: a vested interest

5. cook the books | cook the accounts

He cooked the books of his business, and now he
  1. has been arrested
  2. can't read them
  3. has to eat them
more about this idiom: cook the books | cook the accounts

6. deep pockets

Harold has very deep pockets, and
  1. he doesn't have much money
  2. he keeps losing his keys
  3. he spends a lot of money
more about this idiom: deep pockets

7. dirt cheap

If you buy something that's dirt cheap, the quality will probably
  1. be excellent
  2. be very low
  3. be quite high
more about this idiom: dirt cheap

8. easy come, easy go

Pete lost a hundred dollars on a bet, and then said "Oh, well. Easy come, easy go." He wanted us to think that
  1. he was very upset about it
  2. he didn't care about it
  3. he could easily win it back again
more about this idiom: easy come, easy go

9. easy money

Larry was always trying to think of ways to make easy money because he
  1. didn't like working much
  2. liked to work hard
  3. couldn't make difficult money
more about this idiom: easy money

10. feather your own nest

Government officials in the Republic of Amoralia feather their own nests by
  1. catching birds
  2. taking bribes
  3. working hard
more about this idiom: feather your own nest

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