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Idioms Quiz: Money 3

Many idioms are based on money and payment. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. cost the earth | charge the earth

These Persian carpets cost the earth, so
  1. they must be good quality
  2. they can't be very good
  3. let's get them while they're cheap
more about this idiom: cost the earth | charge the earth

2. for my money

Our friend said "For my money, bookshops charge too much compared to online bookstores." This means
  1. he buys books from online bookstores
  2. he thinks bookshops charge too much
  3. he can't afford books sold in bookshops
more about this idiom: for my money

3. make ends meet

Fiona earns just enough to make ends meet, so
  1. she's looking for a better-paying job
  2. she's saving up for a car
  3. she has plenty of money
more about this idiom: make ends meet

4. pick up the tab | pick up the bill

Larry is a very generous guy and he
  1. never picks up the tab
  2. always picks up the tab
  3. occasionally picks up the tab
more about this idiom: pick up the tab | pick up the bill

5. rags to riches

This girl I knew in high school has had an unusual life. She went from rags to riches after she
  1. got a job in a bank
  2. lost millions of dollars gambling
  3. became a top international model
more about this idiom: rags to riches

6. talk turkey

Before we could talk turkey about the deal, we had to
  1. see the samples
  2. pay the money
  3. go to Turkey
more about this idiom: talk turkey

7. tighten your belt

Carly will have to tighten her belt because
  1. she's been putting on weight
  2. she's lost her job
  3. she's short of time
more about this idiom: tighten your belt

8. under the table

Newspapers reported that some basketball referees have received under-the-table payments for
  1. refereeing their games
  2. influencing the score in some games
  3. playing golf in their free time
more about this idiom: under the table

9. wheeling and dealing

Thanks to some very good wheeling and dealing, Graham
  1. won the game of cards
  2. passed his driving test
  3. got the building contract
more about this idiom: wheeling and dealing

10. worth its weight in gold

James says the one thing in life that's worth its weight in gold is
  1. a good education
  2. a gold necklace
  3. a life sentence
more about this idiom: worth its weight in gold

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