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Idioms Quiz: Music

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. a jam session

We're going to have a jam session later on, so don't forget to bring
  1. your bread and butter
  2. your saxophone
  3. your tennis racket
more about this idiom: a jam session

2. blow your own horn | blow your own trumpet

Georgina says she finds it difficult to blow her own horn because she is
  1. a very shy person
  2. not very musical
  3. very proud of herself

3. change your tune

The prime minister wasn't polite to journalists at first, but he changed his tune when he realised
  1. they had a lot of influence
  2. they didn't get paid much
  3. they were only doing their job
more about this idiom: change your tune

4. face the music

James will have to face the music when he
  1. goes to a concert
  2. goes to hospital
  3. goes to court
more about this idiom: face the music

5. for a song

I thought I was getting the gems for a song, but I was actually
  1. paying too much
  2. paying less than usual
  3. meant to dance as well
more about this idiom: for a song

6. make a song and dance about something

The staff in our company are making a song and dance about
  1. how bored their receptionist seems
  2. how short the new security guard is
  3. how bad the coffee in the canteen is

7. music to your ears

The accused man said it was music to his ears when the judge said
  1. guilty
  2. not guilty
  3. life without parole
more about this idiom: music to your ears

8. play it by ear

Once they get into the studio, the band are going to play it by ear and
  1. record all their old songs
  2. see what they come up with
  3. do whatever the producer tells them to do
more about this idiom: play it by ear

9. pull out all the stops

Indira's family were very proud and they pulled out all the stops to make sure her wedding was
  1. as spectacular as possible
  2. as cheap as possible
  3. as secret as possible
more about this idiom: pull out all the stops

10. ring a bell

When I heard the poem, some of the lines rang a bell and
  1. some of them beat a drum
  2. sounded very beautiful
  3. I thought I'd heard it somewhere before
more about this idiom: ring a bell

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