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Idioms Quiz: Numbers 1

Many idioms are based on numbers. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. a ballpark figure | a ballpark estimate

She gave us a ballpark figure for the cost because she
  1. didn't know the exact amount
  2. knew how much a ballpark cost
  3. wanted to tell us the exact amount

2. a one-track mind

Roberto said he didn't have a one-track mind. He said he
  1. could speak two languages, not just one
  2. thought about many things, not just one
  3. was interested in many things to do with money, not just one
more about this idiom: a one-track mind

3. a zero-sum game

In a zero-sum game, any gains made by one player will
  1. be greater than their losses
  2. increase the sum in the game
  3. equal the losses of another
more about this idiom: a zero-sum game

4. against all odds | against all the odds

Harry was born into a very poor family, but against all odds he became
  1. a very poor adult
  2. a very rich man
  3. a really nice guy

5. back to square one

The team decided to go back to square one after they
  1. qualified for the tournament
  2. failed to qualify
  3. won the tournament
more about this idiom: back to square one

6. behind the eight ball

The report is due tomorrow morning, and Nayomi is behind the eight ball because
  1. her computer crashed and she can't print it
  2. she's still waiting for a few pages to print
  3. it's after 8 o'clock and she isn't asleep yet
more about this idiom: behind the eight ball

7. dressed (up) to the nines

We were all dressed to the nines because we were
  1. going to a wedding
  2. going to play golf
  3. going to the beach
more about this idiom: dressed (up) to the nines

8. forty winks

I'll sometimes have forty winks if
  1. I see a pretty girl
  2. I get something in my eye
  3. I feel a bit sleepy
more about this idiom: forty winks

9. have second thoughts

Sid and Nancy were going to get married, and then Nancy had second thoughts so
  1. they decided to wait
  2. they're getting married sooner
  3. they're getting a divorce
more about this idiom: have second thoughts

10. I owe you one!

Johnny was very grateful and said "Man, I really owe you one!" after I'd
  1. saved his drowning son
  2. passed him the salt
  3. opened the door for him
more about this idiom: I owe you one!

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