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Idioms Quiz: Numbers 2

Many idioms are based on numbers. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. in two minds

Bella's in two minds about keeping her job. She says she's tired of working as a waitress, but she
  1. would love to be a chef
  2. likes being a waitress
  3. isn't sure if she can get another job
more about this idiom: in two minds

2. kill two birds with one stone

Sandra killed two birds with one stone by going to Paris. She practiced her French before her exam and she
  1. got better at speaking French
  2. read a book on French history
  3. went to her friend's wedding
more about this idiom: kill two birds with one stone

3. once and for all

I'm tired of having to get my teeth fixed all the time, so I've decided to solve the problem once and for all by
  1. cleaning them more
  2. getting false teeth
  3. not chewing my food
more about this idiom: once and for all

4. once in a blue moon

We live in a town in the desert now. It's hot and dry most days, and once in a blue moon it will
  1. be sunny all day
  2. rain quite a lot
  3. be cooler at night
more about this idiom: once in a blue moon

5. one in a million

Our friend Jose was one in a million. He was
  1. very rich
  2. very special
  3. very strange
more about this idiom: one in a million

6. par for the course

If people say it's "par for the course" when a train arrives late, it means the train is
  1. usually on time
  2. always on time
  3. often late
more about this idiom: par for the course

7. put all your eggs in the one basket

His father told him not to put all his eggs in the one basket, so Arjuna
  1. studied law as well as graphic design
  2. bought several more baskets
  3. invested all his money in his father's company
more about this idiom: put all your eggs in the one basket

8. the year dot | the year one

People have been living in the Nile valley since the year dot. They've been there
  1. for an extremely long time
  2. since the tenth century
  3. for quite a while
more about this idiom: the year dot | the year one

9. zero in on

We don't have a lot of time to discuss the issue, so we'll have to zero in on
  1. lots of unimportant details
  2. everything that is connected in any way
  3. the most important points
more about this idiom: zero in on

10. zero tolerance

If a zero-tolerance policy on crime is adopted, people are sent to jail after
  1. their first offence
  2. their first chance
  3. their first warning
more about this idiom: zero tolerance

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