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Idioms Quiz: Plants

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. bark up the wrong tree

The police think the murderer is hiding in the forest, but they're barking up the wrong tree. He is
  1. in a different tree
  2. in a different forest
  3. not in a forest
more about this idiom: bark up the wrong tree

2. beat around the bush | beat about the bush

It's hard not to beat around the bush when you have to
  1. put out a bushfire
  2. give someone some good news
  3. tell someone some bad news

3. can't see the wood for the trees

The safety officer can't see the wood for the trees because
  1. she's too focused on safety issues
  2. she thinks all the trees look the same
  3. she doesn't know which way to look
more about this idiom: can't see the wood for the trees

4. Everything's coming up roses.

"Wow, everything really is coming up roses for us this month" said Bobby after he and his wife had
  1. checked their flower garden
  2. checked their plumbing
  3. checked their investments
more about this idiom: Everything's coming up roses.

5. fresh as a daisy

My grandma said, "I might be ninety years old, but I still feel as fresh as a daisy." She
  1. feels much younger
  2. looks much older
  3. sounds much wiser
more about this idiom: fresh as a daisy

6. go out on a limb

My sister said that I went out on a limb when I
  1. climbed high in the tree
  2. said murder was wrong
  3. said killing animals for food is murder
more about this idiom: go out on a limb

7. make hay while the sun shines

I'd better make hay while the sun shines and do some work on my book
  1. while I have a bit of free time
  2. despite having so much else to do
  3. even though I don't feel like writing
more about this idiom: make hay while the sun shines

8. nip it in the bud

Jules and Clive were starting to have problems in their marriage, so they decided to nip the problem in the bud and
  1. get a divorce
  2. get some counselling
  3. pretend it wasn't happening
more about this idiom: nip it in the bud

9. the cream of the crop

Martin was always told by his parents and teachers that he was the cream of the crop, so he thought he was
  1. worse than other kids
  2. the same as other kids
  3. better than other kids
more about this idiom: the cream of the crop

10. up a gum tree

Bazza was driving through the desert from Perth to Sydney, but he's up a gum tree now because
  1. he's looking for emu eggs
  2. a kangaroo chased him up there
  3. he's run out of petrol
more about this idiom: up a gum tree

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