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Idioms Quiz: Sports 1

Many idioms are based on sports and games. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. a ballpark figure | a ballpark estimate

She gave us a ballpark figure for the cost because she
  1. didn't know the exact amount
  2. knew how much a ballpark cost
  3. wanted to tell us the exact amount

2. across the board

The staff cuts will be across the board, so staff will be cut from
  1. every department
  2. some departments
  3. one department
more about this idiom: across the board

3. ahead of the game

The best way to stay ahead of the game in the fashion business is to
  1. do market research and surveys
  2. copy what your competitors do
  3. spend less on salaries
more about this idiom: ahead of the game

4. another string to your bow

John's a truck driver, but he wants another string to his bow so he's going to
  1. take up archery
  2. do a bartending course
  3. go fishing on weekends
more about this idiom: another string to your bow

5. behind the eight ball

The report is due tomorrow morning, and Nayomi is behind the eight ball because
  1. her computer crashed and she can't print it
  2. she's still waiting for a few pages to print
  3. it's after 8 o'clock and she isn't asleep yet
more about this idiom: behind the eight ball

6. get off on the wrong foot

Peter got off on the wrong foot on his date with Wendy when
  1. he made her laugh at a joke
  2. he ordered an expensive bottle of wine
  3. he knocked over a glass of water
more about this idiom: get off on the wrong foot

7. jump the gun

Donny was playing the part of a detective in the play, but he jumped the gun on the first night. He
  1. accidentally fired his gun
  2. forgot what his lines were
  3. started saying his lines too soon
more about this idiom: jump the gun

8. jump through hoops | go through hoops

You'll have to jump through hoops before you'll be allowed to
  1. join the circus
  2. buy a motorbike
  3. adopt a baby

9. no holds barred

Our boss is a tough businessman, so it's no holds barred when he
  1. negotiates a deal
  2. withdraws money from the bank
  3. plays golf with customers
more about this idiom: no holds barred

10. off your own bat

The production manager decided, off his own bat, to change the quality of the raw materials used in the factory. He did it
  1. without being asked to
  2. without planning to do it
  3. without knowing much about it
more about this idiom: off your own bat

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