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Idioms Quiz: Sports 2

Many idioms are based on sports and games. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. on the ball

Someone really needs to be on the ball if they work as
  1. a life model in a painter's studio
  2. a dishwasher in a restaurant
  3. an air-traffic controller at an airport
more about this idiom: on the ball

2. par for the course

If people say it's "par for the course" when a train arrives late, it means the train is
  1. usually on time
  2. always on time
  3. often late
more about this idiom: par for the course

3. plain sailing

We drove to Paris, and after getting out of London it was plain sailing all the way because
  1. there was hardly any traffic
  2. it rained so much it was flooding
  3. we had a strong westerly tailwind
more about this idiom: plain sailing

4. quick off the mark

If someone is quick off the mark, they do something
  1. before most other people
  2. after most other people
  3. better than most other people
more about this idiom: quick off the mark

5. run rings around | run circles around

After running rings around his competitor for the whole fight, the boxer from Cuba
  1. clearly lost the fight on points
  2. was disqualified for running too much
  3. won the fight easily

6. skate on thin ice

We'll be skating on thin ice if we go to the boss and
  1. ask for another pay rise
  2. give him a birthday present
  3. tell him what a good boss he is
more about this idiom: skate on thin ice

7. the ball's in your court

If you're bargaining with someone and they say "the ball's in your court" it means they think
  1. the negotiation is over
  2. it's your turn to name a price
  3. you're demanding too much
more about this idiom: the ball's in your court

8. the name of the game

Tiger says that in golf, the name of the game is
  1. knowing the right people
  2. wearing the right clothes
  3. keeping your concentration
more about this idiom: the name of the game

9. wide of the mark

The weather forecast for today was wide of the mark. It's been a beautiful sunny day, but the forecast said it would be
  1. fine and dry
  2. wet and windy
  3. clear and warm
more about this idiom: wide of the mark

10. You can't win them all.

I looked at my tennis partner and said, "You can't win 'em all"
  1. before we'd lost our match
  2. after we'd lost our match
  3. after we'd won our match
more about this idiom: You can't win them all.

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