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Idioms Quiz: Time 2

Many idioms are based on time. Test your knowledge of English idioms with the questions below. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

1. just in time | just in the nick of time

She got to the exam centre just in time. She was lucky she didn't get there
  1. a few minutes earlier
  2. a few minutes later
  3. a few minutes beforehand

2. kill time

If you're stuck in traffic jam, a good way to kill time is to
  1. leave the car and walk
  2. get some beers and have a party
  3. read a book
more about this idiom: kill time

3. now and then | now and again

Most of the time our neighbours are very quiet, but now and then they'll
  1. watch TV
  2. have a party
  3. have a chat
more about this idiom: now and then | now and again

4. now or never

If someone says "it's now or never", it means
  1. there's no time to do something
  2. it's the last chance to do something
  3. they never want to do something
more about this idiom: now or never

5. once in a blue moon

We live in a town in the desert now. It's hot and dry most days, and once in a blue moon it will
  1. be sunny all day
  2. rain quite a lot
  3. be cooler at night
more about this idiom: once in a blue moon

6. the moment of truth

The moment of truth in a court case is when the
  1. the verdict is announced
  2. the judge arrives
  3. the lawyers send their bills
more about this idiom: the moment of truth

7. the year dot | the year one

People have been living in the Nile valley since the year dot. They've been there
  1. for an extremely long time
  2. since the tenth century
  3. for quite a while
more about this idiom: the year dot | the year one

8. time after time

Shelley makes the same mistakes time after time. She
  1. quickly learns from them
  2. never seems to learn
  3. tries hard to make them
more about this idiom: time after time

9. time and time again

They've been to Disneyland time and time again because
  1. they didn't enjoy it much
  2. they don't have much free time
  3. the kids love it
more about this idiom: time and time again

10. year in, year out

If you do something year in, year out, you do it
  1. all year long
  2. every year
  3. every second year
more about this idiom: year in, year out

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