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Idioms Quiz: Transport

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English idioms. To learn more about an individual idiom, click on the "more about this idiom" link.

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1. a roller coaster | a roller-coaster ride

Ben says his life was a roller-coaster ride while
  1. he was living in an amusement park
  2. he was staying in a cottage in the countryside
  3. he was getting divorced and changing his job

2. a zebra crossing

A zebra crossing is a place for
  1. zebras to cross the road
  2. people to cross the road
  3. cars to run people over
more about this idiom: a zebra crossing

3. burn your bridges | burn your boats

You'll be burning your bridges if you
  1. save your money while working in a bank
  2. steal a customer's money while working in a bank
  3. borrow some money while working in a bank
more about this idiom: burn your bridges | burn your boats

4. cross that bridge when we come to it

We can say "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" if someone asks about
  1. how to get over a river
  2. a future problem
  3. a failed business
more about this idiom: cross that bridge when we come to it

5. jump on the bandwagon

When political correctness became popular in the nineties, millions of people jumped on the bandwagon and
  1. said it was incorrect
  2. became politically correct
  3. corrected people's politics
more about this idiom: jump on the bandwagon

6. plain sailing

We drove to Paris, and after getting out of London it was plain sailing all the way because
  1. there was hardly any traffic
  2. it rained so much it was flooding
  3. we had a strong westerly tailwind
more about this idiom: plain sailing

7. put the brakes on

The United Nations will have to put the brakes on some important programs unless it can
  1. find more money
  2. waste more money
  3. print more money
more about this idiom: put the brakes on

8. rock the boat

When Jenny started working at the hospital, she rocked the boat by
  1. saying how well it was run
  2. questioning the way things were done
  3. doing her job quietly and not saying much
more about this idiom: rock the boat

9. steer clear of

Tell your kids to steer clear of that dog. I was told that
  1. it bites people
  2. it wags its tail
  3. it loves children
more about this idiom: steer clear of

10. upset the applecart

We'd planned to have our wedding in the local park, but the head of the council upset the applecart when he
  1. backed his car into some stalls at the market
  2. refused to give us permission
  3. congratulated us on our wedding
more about this idiom: upset the applecart

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