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Phrasal Verbs Quiz: Mixed 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English phrasal verbs. To learn more about an individual phrasal verb, click on the "more about this phrasal verb" link.

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1. belong to

These books belong to the college library, so you can
  1. keep them forever
  2. own them for a while
  3. borrow them for a while
more about this phrasal verb: belong to

2. end up

If Maria keeps coming to work late, she'll end up
  1. getting a promotion
  2. getting a raise
  3. getting fired
more about this phrasal verb: end up

3. face up to

Ashley faced up to the fact that she had to deal with her drug problem and
  1. went out to buy more drugs
  2. promised to stop one day
  3. went to rehab for treatment
more about this phrasal verb: face up to

4. hand out

After we'd boarded the plane, the stewardess handed out
  1. seats
  2. passengers
  3. drinks
more about this phrasal verb: hand out

5. leave behind

Sandra realised she'd left her passport behind, so she
  1. moved it to the front
  2. went back to get it
  3. took someone else's
more about this phrasal verb: leave behind

6. name after

Clair and Ben named their daughter after Clair's grandmother Grace, so they are both called
  1. Clair
  2. Grace
  3. Granny
more about this phrasal verb: name after

7. rely on

A newspaper relies on the honesty and accuracy of
  1. its customers
  2. its reporters
  3. its news
more about this phrasal verb: rely on

8. show off

Mark loves to show off. He's always trying to
  1. impress people
  2. avoid people
  3. annoy people
more about this phrasal verb: show off

9. talk into

If you meet a salesman, they'll try to talk you into
  1. selling something
  2. buying something
  3. saving something
more about this phrasal verb: talk into

10. write up

The accident investigator wrote up his final report on the fire after he had
  1. heard about the fire
  2. seen the fire
  3. reviewed his notes on the fire
more about this phrasal verb: write up

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