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Phrasal Verbs Quiz: Mixed 3

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English phrasal verbs. To learn more about an individual phrasal verb, click on the "more about this phrasal verb" link.

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1. ask for

After we'd eaten our meal, we asked the waiter for
  1. the waitress
  2. the bill
  3. the food
more about this phrasal verb: ask for

2. call off

Ken and Barbie's wedding was called off because
  1. Barbie looked so beautiful
  2. the photographer was late
  3. Ken didn't come
more about this phrasal verb: call off

3. end with

The Olympic Games always end with
  1. an Opening Ceremony
  2. a Closing Ceremony
  3. a Wedding Ceremony
more about this phrasal verb: end with

4. follow up

You should follow up a potential sale with a call or an email to the customer
  1. before you meet them
  2. after you meet them
  3. while you meet them
more about this phrasal verb: follow up

5. join in

When Tom saw his friends fighting some other boys, he joined in and
  1. fought alongside them
  2. ran away to get help
  3. stood there watching
more about this phrasal verb: join in

6. miss out

There was a sale on yesterday with lots of nice clothes at very low prices. We missed out because we
  1. got there early
  2. didn't like any of them
  3. didn't know about it
more about this phrasal verb: miss out

7. occur to

I knew that money was missing from the company, but it never occurred to me that my partner was stealing it because I had
  1. always suspected him
  2. never understood him
  3. always trusted him
more about this phrasal verb: occur to

8. stick at

Lots of people want to be published writers, but only those who stick at it for a long time
  1. fail
  2. give up
  3. succeed
more about this phrasal verb: stick at

9. try out

Before buying the phone, I tried it out to see
  1. if I could break it
  2. if it worked properly
  3. how much it cost
more about this phrasal verb: try out

10. work out (1)

Paul has worked out a way to
  1. solve the problem
  2. create the problem
  3. increase the problem
more about this phrasal verb: work out (1)

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