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Phrasal Verbs Quiz: Mixed 5

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English phrasal verbs. To learn more about an individual phrasal verb, click on the "more about this phrasal verb" link.

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1. ask out

Hiroko asked Makiko out because he
  1. wanted her to go away
  2. didn't believe what she'd said
  3. wanted to get to know her
more about this phrasal verb: ask out

2. carry on

After checking his work, Lee's boss told him to carry on because he'd
  1. made many mistakes
  2. finished the work
  3. done a good job
more about this phrasal verb: carry on

3. find out

If you need to find something out, you can
  1. chat it up
  2. look it up
  3. save it up
more about this phrasal verb: find out

4. grow up

Isabel has grown up since the last time I saw her
  1. six hours ago
  2. six days ago
  3. six years ago
more about this phrasal verb: grow up

5. involve in

If politicians are involved in corrupt activities, it means they are
  1. investigating corruption
  2. fighting against corruption
  3. corrupt politicians
more about this phrasal verb: involve in

6. leave up to

In a democracy, the decision on who will govern the country is left up to the country's
  1. Great Leader
  2. king or queen
  3. citizens
more about this phrasal verb: leave up to

7. opt for

Jamal opted for overtime because he
  1. needed to make more money
  2. wanted more time with his kids
  3. had stress-related health problems
more about this phrasal verb: opt for

8. read up on

I wanted to read up on publishing fashion magazines, so I found
  1. a book of fashion photography
  2. a popular fashion magazine
  3. a website on fashion magazines
more about this phrasal verb: read up on

9. sit in for

It would be wrong to sit in for someone if they couldn't make it to
  1. a staff meeting
  2. a college exam
  3. a card game
more about this phrasal verb: sit in for

10. weigh up

Before deciding to get a puppy, you need to carefully weigh up
  1. the price you'll pay
  2. your other pets
  3. the benefits and drawbacks
more about this phrasal verb: weigh up

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