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Phrasal Verbs Quiz: Mixed 7

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English phrasal verbs. To learn more about an individual phrasal verb, click on the "more about this phrasal verb" link.

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1. carry out

After the police had carried out their investigation into the murder, the police
  1. began searching for clues
  2. moved the victim's body
  3. sent the results to the prosecutor
more about this phrasal verb: carry out

2. depend on (1)

The manager makes all the decisions, so whether I get the promotion or not depends on
  1. my ambition
  2. the company directors
  3. him
more about this phrasal verb: depend on (1)

3. focus on

Our company has succeeded because we've always focused on producing
  1. top-quality products
  2. overpriced products
  3. unpopular products
more about this phrasal verb: focus on

4. head for

After robbing the bank, the thieves ran out and headed for
  1. the police station
  2. their getaway car
  3. the ATM machine
more about this phrasal verb: head for

5. move out

If you're going to move out, you'll need to
  1. be fit and strong
  2. wear your best clothes
  3. pack up your things
more about this phrasal verb: move out

6. pass on

My family was very poor so when I grew too big for my clothes, I had to pass them on to my
  1. older brothers and sisters
  2. younger brothers and sisters
  3. mother and father
more about this phrasal verb: pass on

7. resort to

In order to pay for his daughter's heart operation, Sudiawan had to resort to
  1. spending his savings
  2. claiming insurance
  3. selling his house
more about this phrasal verb: resort to

8. see off

We went to see Francine off
  1. in the restaurant
  2. at the airport
  3. to the movies
more about this phrasal verb: see off

9. talk over

I like to talk things over with my best friend
  1. before making a decision
  2. after seeing a movie
  3. during a job interview
more about this phrasal verb: talk over

10. write down

I need to write something down, but I can't find
  1. my pen
  2. my phone
  3. my alphabet
more about this phrasal verb: write down

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