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Phrasal Verbs Quiz: Mixed 9

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English phrasal verbs. To learn more about an individual phrasal verb, click on the "more about this phrasal verb" link.

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1. ask after

Larry asked after you, so I told him
  1. where you went
  2. your name
  3. you're fine
more about this phrasal verb: ask after

2. call out

I didn't know you were calling out. I didn't
  1. understand you
  2. see you
  3. hear you
more about this phrasal verb: call out

3. feel for

Everyone felt for Robbie when he told us that he was
  1. a millionaire
  2. heartbroken
  3. into bodybuilding
more about this phrasal verb: feel for

4. give in

Even though it looked like Rafael was going to lose the match, he wouldn't give in. He
  1. stopped trying
  2. kept trying
  3. started tiring
more about this phrasal verb: give in

5. help out

The police are responsible for helping out
  1. people in need
  2. wanted criminals
  3. themselves
more about this phrasal verb: help out

6. lay off

If a worker is laid off, she'll have to
  1. improve her performance
  2. take time off to recover
  3. look for another job
more about this phrasal verb: lay off

7. part with

When his apartment building banned pets, Ben didn't want to part with his dog Snoopy, so he
  1. moved to another apartment
  2. gave Snoopy away
  3. got a cat as well
more about this phrasal verb: part with

8. rip off

Paul felt he'd been ripped off when the hospital charged him a hundred dollars to stitch up a small cut on his leg. He thought they'd charged him
  1. too little
  2. too much
  3. a fair amount
more about this phrasal verb: rip off

9. shut down

The company's manager decided to shut down
  1. the company cars
  2. the office party
  3. the factory
more about this phrasal verb: shut down

10. tell off

Our boss told us off for
  1. not working hard enough
  2. not being lazy enough
  3. working really hard
more about this phrasal verb: tell off

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