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Sayings Quiz: Mixed 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English sayings. To learn more about an individual saying, click on the "more about this saying" link.

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1. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

If you "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" you will
  1. have no friends
  2. have no enemies
  3. sleep better at night

2. Least said soonest mended

The saying "Least said soonest mended" advises that a disagreement, for example, will be forgotten most quickly if we
  1. write a letter of apology
  2. take time to say how sorry we are
  3. say nothing or very little
more about this saying: Least said soonest mended

3. Make hay while the sun shines

If we should "make hay while the sun shines", we should buy the summer clothes we want
  1. during the summer sales
  2. after the summer sales
  3. after the shops close
more about this saying: Make hay while the sun shines

4. Nature abhors a vacuum

According to the saying "nature abhors a vacuum", if you abandoned a town house and left it empty
  1. air pressure would break all its windows
  2. the air would gradually leak out
  3. somebody would soon move in and live in it
more about this saying: Nature abhors a vacuum

5. Oil and water don't mix

You could say "oil and water don't mix" about two people who
  1. don't drink
  2. don't get on together
  3. don't look the same
more about this saying: Oil and water don't mix

6. Patience is a virtue

"Patience is a virtue" suggests that getting angry when you have to wait is
  1. a good personal trait
  2. a bad personal trait
  3. a sign of patience
more about this saying: Patience is a virtue

7. Quietness is a great treasure

"Quietness is a great treasure" is a proverb about the value of
  1. silence
  2. treasure
  3. greatness
more about this saying: Quietness is a great treasure

8. Rags to rags in three generations

"Rags to rags in three generations" could be said to be a cynical observation about
  1. rags
  2. clothing
  3. money
more about this saying: Rags to rags in three generations

9. Say well or be still

If you always "say well or be still", then you
  1. always say nice things about everyone
  2. never say anything
  3. never say anything nasty about someone
more about this saying: Say well or be still

10. Talk of the Devil, and he is bound to appear

You might say "Talk of the devil!" when your boss suddenly arrives
  1. in your local pub
  2. while you are discussing him
  3. while you are discussing religion

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