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30 Slang Words beginning with H

Slang is a kind of language consisting of very informal words and phrases. Slang is more common in speech than in writing. Slang words are often used in a particular context or by a particular group of people.

These are English slang words beginning with the letter H. Click on a slang term for example sentences, notes, origins, quizzes and answers.


hack British English

a newspaper reporter


dangerous, risky, scary

hang | hang out

to spend time with


an emotional problem causing inhibition or unreasonable behaviour


stupid, foolish (of an idea or a plan)


to annoy or bother someone

hick American English Offensive

a rural person regarded as uneducated and mentally slow (n.) | provincial or rural (adj.)

hickey American English

a mark on the neck or face caused by a lover biting or sucking the skin, a love bite


intoxicated, under the influence of a mind-altering drug


trendy, stylish, fashionable among young people


be doomed, be sure to fail

honcho | head honcho

the boss, the person in charge

honky American English Offensive

a derogatory term in black American slang for a white person


a fuss, or a commotion, especially about something that isn't very important

hood (1) American English

a neighbourhood, especially in a poor, urban area

hood (2) American English

a criminal, a member of a criminal gang


addicted, obsessed

hooker Offensive

a female prostitute, a woman who provides sexual services for payment

hooky | hookey American English

(in phrase play hooky) to stay away from school or work without permission

hoops American English

the game of basketball


in the mood for sex; sexually excited

hot (1)


hot (2)

sexually attractive


(in phrase be hung-up on) to be overly concerned about something or someone


an attractive man with a strong, muscular body


good, fine, going well

hustler (1) American and Australian English

a person, usually male, who has sex for money

hustler (2) American and Australian English

a skilled player, esp. at pool or billiards, who cheats other players by pretending to be an average player and then challenging them to play for money


exaggerated praise for a product or person for promotional purposes


over-excited, over-active

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