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16 Slang Words beginning with Q

Slang is a kind of language consisting of very informal words and phrases. Slang is more common in speech than in writing. Slang words are often used in a particular context or by a particular group of people.

These are English slang words beginning with the letter Q. Click on a slang term for example sentences, notes, origins, quizzes and answers.


Q and A

a question and answer session or exchange


quality control; the methods used to ensure a product is of the required quality


someone who cheats people by claiming to have special knowledge, especially in medicine

quad (1) British English

an open space between buildings, usually at a school or a university

quad (2)

a quadruplet, one of four babies born together from the same mother


quadriceps; large muscles in the upper legs


a quantitative analyst; a person who performs quantitative analysis

quarter American English

a U.S. or Canadian 25-cent coin

quarterback American English

to lead and make decisions

queef | quif American English Taboo

to expel air from the vagina (v.) | an expulsion of air from the vagina (n.)


an effeminate gay man



queer Offensive

homosexual, gay

quickie | quicky

a sexual act that lasts a short time

quid British and Australian English

one pound sterling


a person who gives up easily when faced with a difficult challenge

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