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Slang Quiz: Crime 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. ice (2)

Larry died last week. He was iced
  1. in a car accident
  2. by lung cancer
  3. by a drug dealer
more about this slang term: ice (2)

2. jailbait

If a guy falls in love with a girl who's jailbait, he should
  1. ask her to marry him
  2. ask her to sleep with him
  3. wait until she's older
more about this slang term: jailbait

3. job (2)

The bank job was planned and carried out by
  1. professional criminals
  2. experienced bank managers
  3. a team of bank tellers
more about this slang term: job (2)

4. joint (2)

Jimmy was arrested for bank robbery, and now he's in the joint. He'll be in there
  1. for about half an hour
  2. until he feels like going home
  3. for at least four years
more about this slang term: joint (2)

5. kickback

The company that built the new national stadium gave the Minister of Sports a kickback that was
  1. very painful
  2. quite popular
  3. worth $100,000
more about this slang term: kickback

6. knock off (2)

The woman who lived next door knocked her husband off by
  1. cooking his dinner
  2. poisoning his dinner
  3. nagging him to death
more about this slang term: knock off (2)

7. knock off (3)

While we were away on holiday, someone knocked off
  1. our house
  2. our front door
  3. our mailbox
more about this slang term: knock off (3)

8. knock over

Barry was arrested for knocking over
  1. a chair
  2. a liquor store
  3. a church
more about this slang term: knock over

9. loan shark

People go to a loan shark when they need to
  1. get a shark
  2. get a beating
  3. get a loan
more about this slang term: loan shark

10. loot

Bonnie and Clyde got most of their loot by
  1. robbing banks
  2. working part-time
  3. gambling in casinos
more about this slang term: loot

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