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Slang Quiz: Crime 3

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. Mickey Finn | Mickey | mickey

If someone gives you a Mickey Finn, you'll probably
  1. go to sleep
  2. feel great
  3. thank them
more about this slang term: Mickey Finn | Mickey | mickey

2. mug (1)

Hasan was mugged in the park by
  1. a girl doing a survey
  2. a guy with a knife
  3. a couple riding rollerskates
more about this slang term: mug (1)

3. mug shot

All the mug shots were taken by
  1. unknown police photographers
  2. well-known wildlife photographers
  3. famous fashion photographers
more about this slang term: mug shot

4. mule

After arresting the drug gang bosses, the police went after their mules and found them
  1. waiting at the airport
  2. grazing in a field
  3. hidden in a bank safe
more about this slang term: mule

5. nab

Some of the students were nabbed for
  1. cheating in the exam
  2. studying for the exam
  3. doing practice exams
more about this slang term: nab

6. narc | nark

A narc is someone who
  1. sells narcotic drugs
  2. uses narcotic drugs
  3. arrests sellers and users of narcotic drugs
more about this slang term: narc | nark

7. nick (1)

If your laptop computer has been nicked, you should
  1. have it repaired
  2. tell the police
  3. buy more memory
more about this slang term: nick (1)

8. nick (2)

When Colin was on holiday in Spain, he was nicked by
  1. a Spanish thief
  2. the Spanish police
  3. his Spanish girlfriend
more about this slang term: nick (2)

9. off

After he'd offed the bad guy, James Bond
  1. put away his gun
  2. put down his pen
  3. pocketed his phone
more about this slang term: off

10. on the take

People suspected the judge was on the take because he was
  1. unusually fat
  2. unusually rich
  3. unusually happy
more about this slang term: on the take

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