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Slang Quiz: Crime 4

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. pack heat

Which person would NOT usually pack heat?
  1. a gangster
  2. a fireman
  3. a security guard
more about this slang term: pack heat

2. piece

The bank robber pulled out his piece and
  1. pointed it at the teller
  2. ate it with a spoon
  3. handed it to a customer
more about this slang term: piece

3. pig (2)

If a gang of robbers is holding up a bank, and one of them says the pigs are outside, it means there are
  1. farm animals outside the bank
  2. large people outside the bank
  3. police officers outside the bank
more about this slang term: pig (2)

4. pimp (1)

A pimp is usually
  1. a man
  2. a woman
  3. a ladyman
more about this slang term: pimp (1)

5. racket (2)

Which of the following is usually run by criminals?
  1. a tennis racket
  2. a loud racket
  3. a prostitution racket
more about this slang term: racket (2)

6. rap sheet

Which person would be most likely to have a rap sheet?
  1. a drug dealer
  2. a rap singer
  3. an English teacher
more about this slang term: rap sheet

7. scam

If someone has fallen for a scam, they have
  1. come down with an illness
  2. been the victim of a practical joke
  3. been cheated out of some money
more about this slang term: scam

8. take

The take from the robbery was
  1. one bank book
  2. two bank managers
  3. three thousand dollars
more about this slang term: take

9. whack

If someone has been whacked by a hitman, they'll be
  1. sore
  2. sorry
  3. dead
more about this slang term: whack

10. yakuza

The yakuza are criminal organisations in
  1. Korea
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Japan
more about this slang term: yakuza

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