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Slang Quiz: Drink & Drugs 2

Try this fun quiz to check your understanding of English slang. To learn more about an individual slang term, click on the "more about this slang term" link.

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1. hooked

Kyle knew he was hooked on heroin. When he couldn't get any, he
  1. got bored
  2. got angry
  3. got very sick
more about this slang term: hooked

2. ice (3)

People who take the drug ice usually end up
  1. successful and happy
  2. strong and healthy
  3. poor and sick
more about this slang term: ice (3)

3. jab

If you need a jab to get immunised against something, you could go to
  1. a boxing gym
  2. a police station
  3. a hospital
more about this slang term: jab

4. joint (3) | jay

If the cops catch you smoking a joint, or a jay, in an Asian country, you'll probably
  1. get invited to a party
  2. get a friendly warning
  3. get arrested and sent to jail
more about this slang term: joint (3) | jay

5. junk

Harry got himself off junk at last. He's stopped
  1. taking drugs
  2. drinking alcohol
  3. smoking cigarettes
more about this slang term: junk

6. junkie | junky

If someone's a junkie, they
  1. collect old junk
  2. take hard drugs
  3. eat fattening desserts
more about this slang term: junkie | junky

7. kef | kif

If someone says "You wanna buy some kef?", they're trying to sell
  1. cheap alcohol
  2. illegal drugs
  3. local tobacco
more about this slang term: kef | kif

8. merry

We all got a bit merry from
  1. the food we ate
  2. the beer we drank
  3. the songs we sang
more about this slang term: merry

9. Mickey Finn | Mickey | mickey

If someone gives you a Mickey Finn, you'll probably
  1. go to sleep
  2. feel great
  3. thank them
more about this slang term: Mickey Finn | Mickey | mickey

10. shitfaced

Where would you expect to find people who are shitfaced?
  1. at a church picnic
  2. at a casino bar
  3. at a computer show
more about this slang term: shitfaced

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